ODEER cooperates with Netherlands famous industry design studio
Time:2014-04-15 15:00:00 Read:680 Time

Since Mar. 2014, ODEER started to cooperate with Netherlands famous industry design studio which initiated the first round of industry design with ventilation and lighting products. 

Ventilight quickly made a name for itself in the field of design lighting and ventilation products. Technology and elegance are the standout features of Ventilight design. Modern materials, advanced technology, lightness and resistance in conjunction with a minimal design, impress to the Ventilight brand an immediate identity. 

With an eye towards evolving lifestyles, Ventilight has taken on the current yet unknown subject of well-being through chromo therapy lighting and ventilation, and has included the most advanced solutions in its range of products. 

Ventilight is a totally new concept design technology applied to interior lighting combined ventilation, providing the illumination market with compound materials such as ceramic material and glass fiber, aiming to bring together the qualities of lightness, ventilation, mechanical resistance and beauty of these materials in projects that enhance these properties. 

All designs which find their way in the Ventilight collection have come to life through an extensive process of research, design, testing and debate which often also meant failing. 

But the best of our efforts and the gems of our international co-operation can be found in the collection. 

In this design process it is the joint effort of Studio Mango’s design team and the experience of Ventilight which bring the articles to life. 



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